Customer Testimonials

Because happy customers make great business

"When Mickey painted eVayl a year or so ago I was delighted with her however,
it doesn't compare to pVayl & shows how even your level has improved
The pictures don't do the job justice
Quite simply: Flawless"

- Richard Stone.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight  - Hordes, 28mm
Vayl, Disciple of Everblight - Hordes, 28mm

"Micky isn't the 1st painter I've paid to paint my minis
The problem has always been finding someone to do a good job at a price I was happy to pay
Finally I've solved that problem Mickeys quality of work is amazing!
I was genuinely amazed earlier when I picked up my first batch of finished minis from him
They were sublime & at a very affordable price!
His work is so good I've already got 4 more projects sat on his shelf now waiting to be started
Im also looking at minis from games I don't even play, just because I want them on my shelf painted so amazingly well!
In short if you want a top job done at a very good price, look no further then Mickey
A genuinely nice guy and a honest, hard worker
You'll be seeing lots more work off me mate Thanks again, I'm very grateful"

- Alex Hinton.

Custom Kit-Bashed Gang - 28mm

"I bought some of Mickey's models on eBay & was so impressed when they arrived that I immediately asked him to paint me some more
Since then, he is the only painter I have a used (and I have used him a lot)
He spends time finding out exactly what my requirements are, researches the uniforms & has an excellent eye for detail
He is fantastic at keeping me updated- including regular update photos, is very quick & the quality of the work never slips
I can't recommend him highly enough! The proof is all there in the gallery photos"

- Tom Harland.

Napoleonic French Infantry, AB Figs - 18mm
Napoleonic French Infantry, AB Figs - 18mm

"I had a set of necromunda figures painted up by Mickey, they are beyond doubt truly amazing
Don't know how you do it dude another professional job by the master"

- Ryan McKnight.

Clan Spyrers , Necromunda - 28mm
Clan Spyrers , Necromunda - 28mm

"Mickey's painting is a joy to behold
My League of Augsburg project has come to life under his brush
He has a high standard of communication, checking each step if my instructions were less than clear
The finished figures are very well wrapped and packaged so that no damage is done in transit
Easily my favourite figure painter by far"

- Ian Robertson.

League of Augsburg Bavarians - 10mm
League of Augsburg Bavarians - 10mm

"The rebels are a delight to behold, lots of colour and atmosphere
My ideas have come to life and taken the field, no doubt soon to rout from it too
Communication is second to none with excellent service in every department"

- Adrian Lulham.

East African Militia - 15mm
East African Militia - 15mm

"Beautifully painted Dystopian Wars - Empire of the Burning Sun models
I would certainly be happy to use your services in the future"

- David Ellis.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Carrier - Dystopian Wars, above & below
Empire of the Blazing Sun Carrier - Dystopian Wars, above & below

"I own two 6mm and two 15mm armies bought from Mickey. They are all expertly painted / based & the notes that accompanied them show the depth of research that Mickey went to ensure that they were accurate"

- Barry Carter.

Rome & Carthage DBA Armies, 6mm
Rome & Carthage DBA Armies, 6mm

"They are perfect, thank you!
Also packaging was A+, all miniatures came in perfect condition.
They are now a great asset to my collection.

- Jevgeni R.

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines - 40k 28mm
Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines - 40k 28mm